For us, quality means giving our customers a tool, and enabling them to exploit their reserves economically and completely. To achieve that, we set the highest standards for our product engineering, selection of components and suppliers, fabrication, service and documentation. Since 1995, Pressair has been ISO 9001 certified. We guarantee our customers an accurate after-sales support with the shortest response time in the industry and instant spare parts availability. "We take care" – for us that's a commitment.
As suppliers of equipment operating in an environmentally sensitive area and being opposed to critical public discussions, Pressair accepts particular responsibility and takes special care that its technology and products cause no, or the least possible, detriment to humans, animals, nature and the environment. This includes the use of environmentally acceptable and recyclable materials, to avoid the use of hazardous products, to efficiently manage energy, to reduce emission, to secure clean excavation of the deposit, a long service life of the machine, and low wear. Pressair established an environmental program according to ISO 14001 in 2001.

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