Civil engineering below water or offshore is a complex business requiring specialists with professional tools. Anchoring concrete bridge pier foundations in 15 m water depth and 20 m in the seabed, laying an offshore pipeline, deepening a harbour or removing stiff and contaminated silt from an 80 m deep storage reservoir – Pressair supplies the tools to successfully master such extraordinary challenges.

SFD - submarine foundation digger
for offshore power installations

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PSD pile sinking machine for offshore windpower
with monopile

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Dredging equipment for off-coastal marine outfall in 40 m depth and tidal moves

Foundation works for a hydroelectric power plant, 15 m depth

Small dredge for silt removal and gold mining. Machines with capacities of up to 1.500 m/h (333 gal./h) mixture available.

Underwater cutting wheel to remove hard compacted sediments such as ironstone, rock, and corals. Can also be added to existing suction dredges to boost their performance.