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confidable - innovative - profitable - sustainable

Pressair was founded in 1968 in Switzerland. As a consequence of its international business, market presence and for strategic reasons, since 1977 it has been a US-Corporation with activities throughout the world. Pressair‘s shares are held by private investors and are not publically traded.

Pressair‘s philosophy is, and always was, that one needs a good product but must not necessarily own all the resources to build it. This is of vital importance when dealing with large volume, spacious machinery around the globe. Pressair is free to select amongst the best possible suppliers with regards to quality, technology, locality and conditions. Pressair is therefore more flexible, can offer more attractively, render a better service and generate a higher earning.

Pressair is strongly trimmed on functionality and efficiency. What drives us are enthusiasm for technology (ours in particular), to achieve an appropriate profit and to meet the expectations of our customers.

Pressair is well established as a dredge supplier, has innovative products with excellent market potential and a qualified and experienced management.

Pressair invites investors to share our success. We offer a safe, asset-backed investment opportunity in full confidence and with an attractive high net return avoiding usual fees and cost.

Currently Pressair does not offer new shares but accepts bookings.

Operating investment with asset quality

asset backed partial ownership
at producing exploration plant, 5% annual fixed return + bonus

min. investment 100.000 €
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